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GP-ZB Medium Speed Paper Cup Making Machine with Collection Table

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Machine Introduction:

GP-ZB paper cup making machine is Goodplus machine series to make different paper cups.
Different size, single layer paper cup machine, double layer cup making machine, KFC big cup making machine and so on.
Paper cup making machine (medium speed) is a line to make cups with 80-90pcs/min. Most of them use heat seal. with automatic paper feeding, hot sealing into the tube, cup mouth lubrication, the bottom of the bottom and according to the bottom of the bottom, the bottom of the heating, rolling, top edge winding, finished product blowing and other continuous processes, the production of single and double layer hot and cold beverage paper cups, ice cream paper cups.

And connect with collection table to make packing easy.

Machine Specifications:

Model GP-ZB-16
Weight 3800KG
Size L2700mm*W1500mm*H1800mm
Voltage power 3 phrase 220V/380V,7.5KW
Air pressure 0.6Mpa,0.6m³/min
Capacity 80-90pcs/min
Paper type Single or double PE coating paper
Paper gram 190-350gsm
Cup size 0~16 oz (outside diameter of a cup 60~90mm, outside diameter of cup bottom 45~65mm, height of cup 60~135mm, depth of bottom 5~10mm)
Cup collector size L1150mm*W850mm*H2000mm
Optional Parts Extra mould
Auto collector
Remark The paper thickness error margin is ±0.05mm for the same set of mold

Machine Features:

1. Continuing to introduce new technologies and processes. Our latest technical update solves the need for air compressors for paper thinner than 220gsm.
2. After the comprehensive technical improvement of our company, the stability has been improved.
3. The power consumption of the paper cup machine at the same speed on the market is 10kw, our machine only needs 4KW, which reduce power consumption.
4. This machine is fully automatic equipment, which only needs one person to operate, easy to operate and save manpower.
5. The precision of our moulds is 0.01MM. The raw material of the moulds is mould steel, which has good corrosion resistance and will not deform after use.

Machine Details:

Finished Product:

  • Dimension(L*W*H):2100x935x1600mm
  • Production Capacity70-80 pcs/min
  • Paper Cup Sizeφ30-80mm 30-85mm
  • Product Type:Automatic paper cup machine
  • MaterialPE Coated Paper
  • Gas resource0.5-0.8MPa,0.4m3/min
  • Place of OriginZhejiang, China
  • Weight1500K