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High Speed Fully Automatic Paper Cup Making Machine GP-ZB-16

High Speed Fully Automatic Paper Cup Making Machine GP-ZB-16

Model High Speed Single Plate Open Cam Paper Cup Machine JBZ-OCM12 Paper Cup Size: 2 ~16 OZ (Mould exchangeable, Max Cup Height:135mm , Max Bottom width :70mm Rated Speed: 75-85pcs/min ( Speed affected by cup size, paper quality thickness),..



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 Model GP-ZB-16  GP-ZB-16 
Copper Heater Ultrasonic Heater 
Paper Cup Size 2 ~16 OZ (50ml~330ml Mould exchangeable)
 Raw Material Only one-side PE coated paper ( Popular for Hot drink cups ) One or Two side PE coated Paper
(Popular for Hot and Cold drink Cups)
 Suitable Paper Weight 140gsm—250 GSM 140gsm—350 GSM
 Rated Productivity 45-55 pcs/min
 Total Power  4.8 KW 6 KW
 Power Source 50/60HZ, 380V/220V ( better use 380V, 3 Phase ) or special Power requirement.
 Weight  GW/NW: 1600KG/1500KG
Working Air Source:  No need provide Air Air pressure:0.4Mpa;
Air Out-put:0.6m³/minute
Need to buy Air Compressor(by user)
 Package Size(L * W * H)  2750*1300*1700mm
Cup Side Welding Copper Heater Ultrasonic Heater
Cup Bottom Knurling: Heater Knurling 1side PE paper by heater knurling;
2side PE paper by cool device (circle
water) knurling
OEM ( Show Client Company Name in Machine Panel ) is welcome in our factory

Cup Size Range
Cup Size Range( GP-ZB-16 paper cup machine progress cup size limit):
Cup Size Range

Paper Cup Sample:
Paper Cup Sample

1. Difference Between Ultrasonic Heater and Copper Heater

                                     Ultrasonic heater)                          /                             Copper heater
Difference Between Ultrasonic Heater and Copper Heater
Ultrasonic heater can do sealing if the paper weight is more than 250gsm    /  Copper heater is suitable for the paper weight lessthan 250gsm

2. Ultrasonic heater type Machine with two pieces Blower which provide hot air for keep sure cup Bottom sealing perfect, Finished cup without any leakage Trouble( Much better Than Normal bottom heater).
Ultrasonic heater type Machine
     Only Ultrasonic heater type machine is equipped with hot air system  , Copper heater type machine without it.

Main Technical Improve
1. Adopt Open Cam for the dividing moving, compare with gear box,easy maintenance, stable and reliable, easy replace broken parts. 
easy maintenance
Gear Box design
Gear Box design only Small Cam and Small Bearing running in small box it will linit cup machine running speed(keep in lower speed 40 to 50 pcs/min), If machine running speed more than 60 pcs/min it will short span life and easy broken.

2. New design use internally geared motor which provide machine running more powerful and Long years span life.
New design
New design :internally geared motor which is including the motor and reducer function   provides machine more running traction power and is low energy consumption, superior performance, reducer efficiency up to 95%. It is also low noise and easy maintenance with long years span life . 
Normal design :The reducer and motor which are connected by the belt function are separated  . The belt is easily broken for long time running several months . 

3.Our design machine with Steel Cover on heater which in case paper cup on fire
Our design

Our paper cup machine can be customized to your requirements, please contact us.

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