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Goodplus 01 Nov 2022

5 application of carton packaging machine

Wenzhou Goodplus Machinery is a professional manufacturer of paper production, recently, our company launched a new carton packaging machine to meet our customers' demand for carton production. 
We have a complete production line for cartons, our machine mainly produces small packaging cartons, which are suitable for all paper materials of 350-450gsm. Carton packaging is widely used in medical packaging, food packaging, cosmetics packaging, sanitary products packaging, and stationery packaging.
One of the key processes involved in carton packaging is product packaging, which typically involves placing products into boxes or other containers and sealing them with tape or other materials to form a protective barrier around the contents. 
Another important process in carton packaging is the packaging line, which functions as a production line for assembling various components of a packaged product, such as cardboard boxes, filler materials, and labels. In addition to these core processes, there are also many supporting activities that contribute to the efficient functioning of carton packaging operations, including quality control, inventory management, and equipment maintenance. 
Overall, effective carton packaging requires careful coordination between all these different stages and functions in order to ensure that products are properly protected during transit and delivery. This article mainly introduces our carton packaging machines by analyzing the packaging situation in these five fields.

Medical packaging
Medical packaging is a relatively common type of packaging in our life, especially for boxed drugs. The drug packaging should follow the following principles:

Packaging Uniformity
Pharmaceutical enterprises should pay attention to the unity of medical carton packaging identification, that is, a brand of pharmaceutical products can not only form a unified identification mark but also distinguish each other. For this reason, pharmaceutical enterprises usually design the corporate logo on the medical carton packaging more eye-catching, so that consumers can distinguish.

Effective transmission of written information
Text information is one of the key factors in the design of medical carton packaging. Reasonable text layout can make it more convenient for patients to read, so the primary and secondary order of text information should be clear at a glance so that patients can read and remember clearly. 
Form sense of packaging
At present, the competition in the pharmaceutical market is fierce. Pharmaceutical enterprises should pay more attention to the bold innovation of the packaging form of medical cartons so that their pharmaceutical products can stand out from many competitors.
Anti-counterfeiting techniques
Counterfeit and shoddy medical products will not only seriously affect patients' health, but also endanger their lives. With the increase of sales channels of pharmaceutical products, it is urgent to improve the anti-counterfeiting technology of pharmaceutical products. Paper box packaging makes it more convenient to prevent counterfeit medical products.

Environmentally friendly packaging 
With the growing global call for environmental protection, medical carton packaging will also be pushed to a new level. Harmless, pollution-free, and renewable environmental packaging can effectively enhance the brand image of pharmaceutical enterprises and highlight the sense of social responsibility of enterprises, which has become a major development trend of medical carton packaging in the future.
For example, from the perspective of vision, the principles of packaging, text information dissemination, and anti-counterfeiting technology involve our printing machine, which will be explained in detail in the next article. 
In addition to the above principles, the protective effect of a paper box is indispensable for the package of a medicine box. Some drugs need to be stored and sold in a safe environment. Plastic packaging alone is far from enough. Plastic packaging still has certain limitations. At this time, carton packaging is undoubtedly the best choice. Paper box packaging has a certain protective effect on drugs. Some drugs need to be stored in a dry environment. Paper boxes have a certain moisture-proof and dry effect. 
From a professional point of view, drug packaging has higher requirements on the thickness of paper boxes. The cardboard used for drug packaging mainly includes gray white cardboard with recycled pulp as raw material, white cardboard, and white cardboard with fresh wood pulp as raw material, Our machine is mainly used to glue the cardboard to form a carton for sealing and protection.
In summary, medical carton packaging reflects the core value of medical products. As a professional carton packaging machinery company, we should also constantly study the fit between medical carton packaging and medical products, so as to win the favor of consumers.

Food packaging
Paper box packaging occupies an important position in traditional packaging styles. Nowadays, with the application of paper in packaging materials, paper box packaging is widely used in the food packaging industry. 
With the development of carton packaging technology, carton packaging with good moisture resistance and printability is more and more popular with the public, and carton packaging has the characteristics of easy recycling and renewable utilization, which is very suitable for packaging in the food industry. In the food industry where safety issues are highly valued, carton packaging has become the first choice for people.
From the perspective of food hygiene and safety, if carton packaging is used on food packaging, whether it is in direct contact with food or not, it should meet the requirements of non-toxic, harmless, pollution-free, safe, hygienic, and environmental protection. Therefore, when considering the selection of materials before the production of cartons, it is necessary to control the safety and health performance of packaging materials such as raw materials, ink, glue, etc. 
The paper material of the paper box is an important factor to control the performance of the safety guard of the paper box packaging. The hygiene index of the base paper directly determines the packaging quality and printing quality of the finished paper box. Our paper box packaging raw materials all have the national certification of safety and environmental protection. Both paper and ink meet the safety production standards, so we can rest assured about the safety performance of the paper box.

Cosmetic packaging
Cosmetic packaging design plays a role in promoting commodities, protecting commodities, and promoting market sales. In order to ensure that cosmetic packaging can play these roles, the following basic requirements should be generally followed when designing cosmetic packaging:

The cosmetic packaging design should be unique
Cosmetic packaging design has the effect of publicizing goods. It is necessary to fully show the characteristics, design style, and expressiveness of the goods, so as to leave a deep memory for consumers.
Convenience in cosmetic packaging design
The size and size of cosmetics packaging design should be diversified. Different packaging design concepts should be applied to cosmetics for different purposes. The size of the packaging carton should be customized according to the needs of customers. 
The cosmetic packaging design should be practical
The raw materials for cosmetic packaging design must conform to the characteristics of the cosmetics themselves, and ensure that the goods are not damaged, moldy, deformed, or leaking.
The cosmetic packaging design should avoid excessive packaging
The design and application of cosmetics packaging should avoid excessive packaging and the use of expensive cosmetics packaging boxes, so as to relieve the pressure of consumers, save packaging materials, and achieve the purpose of environmental protection and sustainable use.
Packaging of sanitary products
Common sanitary products in life include paper towels, sanitary napkins, cotton, etc. The main feature of paper boxes used for sanitary packaging is environmental protection. With the improvement of people's awareness of environmental protection, from the perspective of long-term development, paper box packaging paper towels are gradually replacing plastic packaging paper towels. Although paper box packaging lacks advantages compared with plastic packaging in price, it is more protective than plastic packaging. Paper boxes also have good transportation and protection, which are very suitable for sanitary products. I believe it will be widely used in the future.

Stationery packaging
A good package is conducive to the sales of products, so people pay more and more attention to packaging design. Delicate stationery packaging boxes may enable consumers to try some new brands or products.
Packaging design is one of the most important elements in product release. However, there are many things to consider when designing stationery boxes. For example, it must protect the stationery inside, it must be easy to store and take out, it needs to show some advantages about it, and it can stand out from the competition. 
As ordinary carton packaging, our packaging concept is simple and environmentally friendly. Carton packaging does not need to be very sophisticated, practical and simplicity is its main effect. Our packaging materials are non-toxic and harmless. Considering the safety of children, our packaging cartons can be de-angled to protect children from accidental scratches during use.
Carton packaging is an excellent choice for many different types of products, as it offers a number of unique benefits that are not found with other forms of packaging. Compared to corrugated boxes and other rigid containers, cardboard boxes are lighter in weight and more easily flattened for storage. 
This makes them ideal for shipping items that require temperature-sensitive film or that need to be transported by air. Additionally, corrugated boxes can be difficult to open and may even damage delicate contents during the opening process. In contrast, cartons use heat-sensitive film that allows users to easily peel back the sides without damaging the product inside. Additionally, blister packs and stretch film tend to leave a significant amount of waste behind after being used, while corrugated boxes can quickly get crushed when they are stacked on top of one another or layered with other materials. 
Overall, carton packaging offers distinct advantages over other types of packaging, making it an excellent choice for any product or business looking for an efficient, effective way to safely store and transport their products.

The following are our wrap machines features:
packing machines

1. Our packing machines can automatic opening (suck) boxes, fold instruction manuals, blank, feed, mark batch numbers, seal the box, test, and weeding, with stable operation and low noise.
2, Packaging machines PLC and man-machine interface automatic control operating system, stepless frequency conversion speed regulation, high degree of automation, and easy-to-understand operation.
3. Packaging machines Adopt an international famous brand of electrical components, with stable and reliable performance.
4, Packaging machines the Automatic stop function of mechanical overload is adopted to ensure the safety of humans and machines.
5, Automatically remove packaging products that are short of packing materials or instructions to ensure the quality of the packaging products.
6, Packaging machines have the functions of fault display, alarm, and finished product counting, which is convenient for maintenance and troubleshooting.
7, Various automatic feeders and conveying mechanisms can be designed according to customer requirements.
8, Hot melt adhesive machine can be used. Hot melt glue spraying sealing or hot melt glue brushing device can be designed.
9, Packaging machines can be connected with aluminum plastic packaging machines, pillow type packaging machines, filling machines, soap making machines, common packaging machines, code spraying machines (or supervision code systems), labeling machines, online weighing instruments, cellophane over packaging machines, strapping machines, other production lines.
These are the five basic fields of our carton packaging machine, and of course, there are more packaging forms applicable to our carton packaging machines. In the future, we will also develop more new functions to meet the needs of different customers for carton packaging.

We will do a good job in every content,do our best to solve the problem for each customer,Thank you for your reading.If you have any questions, please leave us a message.

- Emily Pan
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