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0-12oz Medium-sized automatic paper cup machine

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GP-ZB Model-12

 Product Sample Show : 

paper cup 0-12oz Product Sample Show

Machine description : 
Model-12 Paper Cup Forming Machine is an automatic machine with muti-working station. The basic type adopt heat cup body sealing, which makes suitable for all of demands on making single PE coated paper with full printing design cups. And Paper cup forming machine has over detection, automatic shutdown alarm for failure. The process flow of the equipment is as follows: paper suction sheet → cup tube bonding → upper cup tube → upper cup bottom → preheating 1 → preheating 2 → folding bottom → knurling → curling → lower cup → receiving. The cups produced can be used for hot and cold drinking, such as soft drinking, ice-cream and coffee etc.

Main Technical Parameters : 

0-12oz paper cup Main Technical Parameters

Equipment Processes : 
Paper suction sheet → cup tube bonding → upper cup tube → upper cup bottom → preheating 1 → preheating 2 → folding bottom → knurling → curling → lower cup → receiving

Machinery Details : 

Paper Fan Grabbing Part
                    (Paper Fan Grabbing Part)

Paper Cup Body Sealing Part
                    (Paper Cup Body Sealing Part)

Paper Cup Bottom Sealing
                    (Paper Cup Bottom Sealing)


Paper Cup Collecting Part
                    (Paper Cup Collecting Part)

Control System Part
                    (Control System Part)

Suggestions to customers: 
1. It is recommended that new customers replace half of the molds, it is easy to replace, and 
it takes less time. 
2. It is recommended that one set of machine produce two sizes at most, because it takes 
more time to replace the mold

Our Advantage : 
1. The machine consumes less power and is very energy-saving. The power consumption has been reduced from the original 10kw to 4kw, making it more energy efficient.
2. The precision of the mold is high, and the mold is not easy to wear. The precision of the mold reaches 0.01MM, which ensures the stable operation of the paper cup machine. The raw material of the mold is mold steel, which has good corrosion resistance and will not be deformed after processing.
3. This machine has very little paper loss, which can save customers the raw material paper. It will rotate the cup by 90 degrees, so that 100% of each formed paper cup is sent to the mold, reducing the waste generated during the forming process of the paper cup.
4. We use a self-lubrication system in the machine. So the machine can be maintained without manually fueling.

Terms & Conditions : 

Delivery Time :25 days after the advance
warranty period :one year,During this period, if there is any problem with the mechanical parts, send it to the manufacturer for free replacement
Installation and commissioning :
1:Operation manual
2:Operation video
3:Online installation support

If you would like to purchase this Model - 12 paper cup machine or want to know more about other machines, please contact us.

  • Dimension(L*W*H):2300x1000x1700mm
  • Production Capacity70-80 pcs/min
  • Paper Cup Sizeφ30-80mm 30-85mm
  • Product Type:Model-12 paper cup machine
  • MaterialPE Coated Paper
  • Gas resource0.5-0.8MPa,0.4m3/min
  • Place of OriginZhejiang, China
  • Weight1500K