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To provide customers with high-quality, efficient, fast and convenient packaging solutions.

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Wenzhou Goodplus Machinery Co.,Ltd.
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Wenzhou Goodplus Machinery Co.,Ltd.

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Get the equipment to produce food-grade packaging from here. Our vision is to bring the best service to every customer. High standards demand precision in the production of machinery to produce various food grade packaging. Providing service is one of what our services do as complete support for all of customers.

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Paper Cups Making Machine - Construction Project

Paper Cups Making Machine - Construction Project

Paper cup making machine cost and project details The paper cups making machine is a device that makes paper cups. It does this by heating the paper with a pneumatic system and then forming it into a cup shape. The cost of such a machine ca...

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“ Design Quality ”

Super good supplier,good machine with good price.thanks Ms.Mona so much for all her job to support me. i will continue to place order with you for all my machines.



Founder, Fabrica Ambalaje Carton

“ Item Support ”

my customer very satisfy with this machine. super good supplier,good machine with good price. hope we can buy 100 sets machine this year.


Godzilla Bob

Founder, Champion Family Ltd.

“ Development ”

super good quality as we want. excellent factory.


Peter Chan

Founder, Daltex Egypt

“ Safe Delivery ”

you know it is means a lot to me while first time purchase from china. and their technician also super, online trouble shooting by wechat.


mohamed abbia

Founder, Talent

“ Interior ”

Machine was working pretty good :we need fastest machine next time!


Younis Abbas

Founder, C.T. Bindery