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Goodplus 13 Jul 2021

When did the paper takeaway box begin to appear on the market?

In the eyes of Chinese people, it seems that there are always only two types of take-out in American TV series, either pizza or Chinese food. Of course, this is part of what I see. 
For example, in the drama "The Big Bang Theory", Chinese food is eaten on Saturdays, or Chinese food delivery is often seen in "Friends". 
Anyway, the story starts from a century ago. 
This bucket made of paper was originally designed to hold oysters (that is, raw oysters). At the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, the United States was rich in oysters. Because they were not expensive, they soon lay on the tables of thousands of Americans. 
In 1903, oyster stalls were everywhere in New York City

When did the paper takeaway box begin to appear on the market?
It is said that most of the workers who collected oysters on the west coast of the United States at that time came from Asia. Among them, the skillful and Japanese fold the paper into a leak-proof barrel; the guests will be happy to pack the opened oysters. Went home to cook. 
This "supposedly" has been difficult to distinguish between true and false. However, it is worth noting that the one that remains in the U.S. patent library is the one invented by F.W.Wilcox in 1894: 
paper takeaway box
But the habit of eating oysters did not last forever. After the Second World War, due to excessive fishing, the production of oysters was reduced, and the price rose. There were fewer people who naturally ate them, and a large number of oyster barrels were quickly left in mass production.
Fortunately, suburbanization began in the United States. At that time, every household was also using microwave ovens. Frozen and semi-processed foods were on the rise. Taking out food in restaurants became a popular way of life.
So the Chinese restaurant appeared.
The improved sweet and sour taste was very well recognized by everyone. By chance, a Chinese restaurant used unused oyster barrels as takeaway boxes.
Later, the bosses discovered that the oyster bucket takeaway box, which had never been used, was unexpectedly leak-proof. After that, more and more Chinese restaurants were used, and in this way, the oyster barrel completed its first perfect transformation in its life.
I think everyone will be curious about the way paper delivery boxes are made!! Next, I will introduce this PLC controlled glued takeaway lunch box making machine. The GP-ZH-600P series is our GOODPLUS machine series, which can produce all kinds of paper bento boxes. Including ordinary lunch box machine, takeaway box machine, noodle box machine, fried lunch box machine, hamburger box making machine and multi-cell box making machine.
All these machines are designed to process kraft paper, white cardboard, PE coated paper, coated paper, etc.
This fully automatic box making machine is mainly used to remove the boxes with glue. We can make boxes of different sizes by changing the mold and design.
Machine configuration:
PLC control, easy to operate and learn.
run smoothly. The paper feeding structure adopts mechanical transmission, which is stable and durable.
Reduce maintenance work. Mechanical action program control, paper shortage alarm, fault monitoring, one-time molding, convenient debugging.
The speed is stable.
Less labor.

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