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Goodplus 15 Jul 2021

How To Choose Paper Cups Correctly ?

In the sales process, paper cups are often stacked together and sealed in plastic packaging. Although they are visible and tangible, most people don’t know the quality. Here is how to choose paper cup making machine products.
•1. Look at the packaging and labeling: Generally, paper cups should be sealed in plastic packaging bags, and the packaging bags should not be damaged. Paper cups that are not tightly packaged are prone to environmental pollution, and hygiene cannot be guaranteed. The product packaging should indicate the name and address of the manufacturer, the implementation standard of the product, the date of production, and the validity period. The technical performance of paper cup products should comply with the QB/T2294 1997 "Paper Cup" standard, and it can also execute corporate standards. However, the hygienic indicators must comply with GB11680-1989 "Sanitary Standards of Raw Paper for Food Packaging".
• 2. Check the appearance: The paper cup should be quite wide and should not be deformed. In addition, paper cups with better body stiffness should be used. Paper cups with poor body stiffness are very soft when pinched by hand. After pouring water or beverages, they will be severely deformed when held up, or even cannot be held up, which affects the use. When choosing a paper cup, you can gently squeeze both sides of the cup with your hands to roughly know the stiffness of the cup.
• Pay attention to the hygiene of the paper cup: The cup is in direct contact with the oral cavity, and hygiene is particularly important. GB11680-1989 "Hygienic Standard of Raw Paper for Food Packaging" stipulates the content of heavy metals, fluorescent whitening agent and some pathogenic bacteria. The hygienic condition of paper cups can only be accurately tested in the laboratory. Consumers cannot judge from the appearance, but purchase products from regular manufacturers through regular channels, so that the hygiene condition can generally be guaranteed.

How To Choose Paper Cups Correctly ?

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