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PLC controlled glued takeaway box making machine - GP-ZH-600P

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Machine introduction:
GP-ZH-600P series is our Goodplus machine series to make different kinds of paper lunch box. Including normal lunch box machine, take away box machine, noodle box machine, fried rice box machine, burger box making machine and multi-grid box making machine.
All these machines are designed to deal with Kraft paper, white cardboard, PE coated paper, coated paper and so on.
This fully automatic box making machine is mainly to make take away box by gluing. We can make different box size by changing mold and design.
Machine configuration :
PLC controlled, easy to operate and learn.
Stable running. The paper feeding structure adopts mechanical transmission, which is stable and durable.
Less maintenance work. The mechanical action program control, paper shortage alarm, fault monitoring, mold forming at one time, convenient debugging.
Stable speed.
Less labor .
Technical information : 
Machine Glued takeaway box making machine
Voltage 380V 60Hz
Power 6KW
Maximum paper size 500*320mm
Production speed 100-200 pcs/min(According to different carton regulations)
Material 0.4*0.5MPA, need to be equipped with air compressor
Matching gas source requirements 210-500g/m² PE coated paper, kraft paper, cardboard

  • Dimension(L*W*H)3500*1320*1500mm
  • Production Capacity60-150 pcs/min
  • Product Type:Paper box making machine
  • Core Components:PLC
  • MaterialKraft paper,PE Coated Paper
  • Power Source:380V 50HZ
  • Place of OriginZhejiang, China
  • Weight2200kg