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GP-ZH-600C Paper Clamshell Lunch Box Making Machine

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Machine Introduction:

GP-ZH-600C is one of Goodplus GP-ZH series, able to produce paper clamshell lunch box specially. This machine mainly focuses on the Southeast Asian market. It is a fully automatic equipment with control programme PLC plus touch screen adopts famous brand electronic parts and components to guarantee steady working, forming, precise positioning, smooth running, safety and reliability operation. 


Technical Specifications:

Production capacity 20-30 pcs/min (depends on the shape and size)
Paper material 280-500 g/m2 white paper/single or double coated paper/ Kraft paper
Voltage 380/220V 50Hz, customized
Power 13KW
Max paper size 350-450
Weight 1000KG
Packing size 2400*1650*2180mm
Matching gas source requirement 0.4-0.5 MPA needs to be equipped with Air compressor


Machine Features:

  • Sensors track the paper feeding and can make machine stop when paper jam happens or lack of paper, and give feedback for temperature to modify 
  • Standard electronic components, PLC plus Touch Screen to make operation easy
  • Mold is made of iron, less loss and has a long working life
  • Two heating steps to make cover and box shaped
  • Stable performance and more efficient


Machine Details:

Finished Products:

  • Dimension(L*W*H)3500*1320*1500mm
  • Production Capacity60-150 pcs/min
  • Product Type:Paper box making machine
  • Core Components:PLC
  • MaterialKraft paper,PE Coated Paper
  • Power Source:380V 50HZ
  • Place of OriginZhejiang, China
  • Weight2200kg