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Goodplus 22 Jul 2021

Ultrasonic paper cup machine - GP-ZB high speed paper cup making machine

GP-ZB Fully Automatic Double-sided Coated High-Speed Ultrasonic Paper Cup Forming Making Machine is a  multi-station automatic machine with photoelectric detection, fault alarm, counting and other functions. Through a series of continuous processes such as automatic paper feeding, ultrasonic welding and sealing (adhesive cup wall), oil injection, bottom punching, knurling, curling, cup unloading, etc.These features make it an ideal equipment for producing double-sided coated beverage cups, ice cream paper cups or other cone-shaped food containers. This model adopts ultrasonic welding technology ,suitable for double-sided coated paper and full-page printing, and suitable for the production of single-sided coated paper cups.
Ultrasonic Paper Cup Making Machine 

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