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Goodplus 21 Jul 2021

The prospect of environmentally friendly lunch boxes

Some plastic tableware contains polystyrene, which can release carcinogens at temperatures of up to 60 degrees Celsius. If people use them for a long time and ingest too much of the carcinogen benzene, their bodies will be damaged. Although plastic cutlery is very convenient to use, it is not only harmful to the body but also seriously pollutes the environment.

Disposable knives, forks and spoons, in particular, are thrown away after one use. Not only can they not be reused, but they cannot be industrially degraded. Small cutlery can take hundreds of years to fully degrade, polluting the environment immeasurably. Environmentally friendly paper lunch boxes can reduce the difficulty of degradation to a certain extent and reduce environmental pollution.

The prospect of environmentally friendly lunch boxes

Paper lunch boxes on the market are Kraft paper lunch boxes, which belong to the cardboard process, but most of them have a pp coating to achieve a waterproof and oil-proof effect, otherwise the lunch box would leak oil and water. These paper lunch boxes are easy to print and are printed first and then cut and shaped. Paper lunch boxes made from sugar cane pulp or wheat straw pulp are lunch boxes that are pressed out during the pulp forming process with the addition of a food grade water and oil repellent. No pp material is added to these lunch boxes and the biodegradable compost completely degrades to organic matter within 90 days.

However, these biodegradable lunch boxes are more difficult to print and the cost of ink printing can be high unless the logo is engraved on the mould. 

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