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Goodplus 14 Jun 2022

How is a paper cup manufactured?

Paper cup production technology
Environmentally friendly disposable paper cups are often used when we entertain guests. But we don't know exactly how disposable cups are made. Here's a brief introduction to how to make paper cups.
Paper cup production process
Base paper laminating - slitter typesetting - printing - die - cutting - molding - sterilization packing - storage. The first is the processing of the width of the paper, according to the printing layout and way to determine, is cutting or die cutting. The next step is printing, printing offset and pinch printing two. Next is die cutting, that is, the printed pattern paper cut into a fan sheet of paper, some advanced machines can die cutting themselves. The last is molding, molding needs to have two parts of the cup body and the bottom of the cup.
Paper cups custom
The appearance and model of disposable paper cups can be customized according to the different needs of customers - paper cup making machine
The cost of paper cups
Goodplus paper cups, reliable supplier of disposable cutlery, printed in flexo water-based ink. For raw paper, many paper manufacturers offer printing die-cutting services, so when you first invest in establishing a paper cup and bowl manufacturer, you can directly buy printed and die-cutting paper cup parts.
Because in the production of paper cups and paper bowls, the proportion of printing die-cutting cost is very small, and the cost is mainly determined by the size of paper cups and the weight of paper.

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