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Goodplus 14 Jun 2022

What are the types of disposable cups?

Types of disposable cups
Types of disposable cups

Disposable cups come in a variety of materials, styles, sizes and colors. However, with so many options, how do you know which cup is right for you? Let's start by introducing some basic terms.
These important terms are used to classify and describe different types of plastic cups or other disposable cups. Before buying single-use cups, learn the difference between compostable and biodegradable products and learn what PET stands for.

Eco-Friendly Terms
Biodegradable - Biodegradable products can be naturally broken down by microorganisms (such as bacteria or fungi) and absorbed back into the ecosystem. These products consist mainly of natural ingredients and are often considered "green" or "environmentally friendly" products.
Biodegradable cups
Compostable - Items are considered compostable when they can be put into a composition of decaying biodegradable materials and eventually become nutrient-rich materials. Compostable products decompose and rot at the same rate as paper without releasing harmful toxins, making them the "green" choice for your business.
compostable paper cup
Biodegradable - Biodegradable products are oil-based and do not decompose naturally like biodegradable items. In contrast, biodegradable products are broken down by chemical reactions in an anaerobic environment. Their decomposition produces water, carbon dioxide, biomass or trace elements.
Biodegradable Disposable paper cup
Post-consumer Recycled content - Post-consumer recycled content is material that consumers use and discard, then save and turn into a brand new product. Once the initial product has completed its life cycle as a consumer product, it is recycled and then made into another product, such as a paper or plastic cup.
 plastic cup
Recyclable - Recyclable simply means that the product can be reused and made into something else, something new. To identify recyclable products, a common recycling mark/symbol shall be printed on the package. Seven resin identification codes can also be found on recyclable plastic packaging. These codes represent the type of plastic used for packaging. Your local authority/council can then compare these codes with those available for recycling.
Recyclable paper cup

Disposable cup material
PET -- PET stands for polyethylene terephthalate. As part of the polyester family, it is used to make synthetic fibers and food and beverage containers. Products made from PET are lightweight and good at blocking gases, solvents and moisture. They are also strong and impact-resistant. Products made from PET can also be recycled.
PET disposable plastic cup
Polycoating - The term polycoating is usually used to refer to a material that has been coated with polyethylene. Multi-coated materials are more stable, smoother and moisture-resistant than uncoated materials, and often have a single or double layer of polyethylene, depending on the quality and durability required.
Polycoating cup
Wax Coatings - With leakproof wax coatings, wax coated products provide additional strength and robustness similar to those of poly coatings. These products are usually sprayed with wax on all sides and work particularly well in cold applications.
wax-coated paper cup
Paper, plastic or foam?
Is it paper, plastic or foam? Traditional or green? Everyday or innovative? Beautiful or practical? There are many paper cup sizes or other disposable cup sizes to choose from, so you can choose the size that best suits your drink menu. The choices are as endless as the drinks you put in.

Types of paper cups:

Air Pocket Insulated
No need to "double up" or keep coffee sleeves handy, paper hot cups such as corrugated cups and double-walled cups are airbag-insulated to keep hot drinks warm without scalding customers' hands. These cups feature an inner layer and an outer layer separated by a layer of air to increase insulation
double walled paper cups
Poly-Coated Paper
With a polymer coating for added insulation, polycoated cups are perfect for serving hot or cold drinks! These cups may have a single or double multi-coating, with each layer providing additional rigidity. The lining also holds liquids inside the cup and protects the outside of the cup from condensation or "sweating." Unlike waxed cups, waxed cups do not pose a risk of wax buildup in your cup dispenser.
The cups are available in a variety of colors and sizes, with many featuring tightly rolled edges to ensure safe drinking and leak-proof.
Poly Coated Paper cup
Recycled paper cups are made from post-consumer fiber with an FDA-approved construction that allows you to show your green side to your customers. These cups are just as good for holding hot and cold liquids as traditional paper cups, but use less base paper in cosmetics.
Recycled paper cups
Some paper cups are made from renewable resources. The cups are available in compostable paper styles, double-sided polyethylene paper styles and paper-lined styles with a thick PLA case. Made from up to 100% renewable resources, sustainable cups give you and your customers more peace of mind when serving with disposable cups. They are available in hot or cold cup designs, so if you specialize in hot drinks, be sure to check that the cup you are interested in is heat resistant.
Some paper cups
Waxed paper
Similar to multi-coated paper, waxed paper provides additional rigidity and protection against leakage and absorption, as well as an additional layer of insulation. The cups are available in a variety of patterns and sizes, and like polythylene-coated cups, many have tightly rolled edges for a worry-free, leak-proof drink. Waxed paper cups are primarily designed for cold drinks and are ideal for serving sodas, iced teas, lemonade, milkshakes, etc.
Wax Treated Paper Cold Cup
Types of plastic cups:
Like paper, plastic cups come in a variety of green options. For example, our 100% compostable cold cups made from PLA corn plastic provide complete product visibility to improve marketability. The cups come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can withstand temperatures ranging from 40 to 105 degrees Fahrenheit.
Heavy duty, hard wall
For advanced options with single-use convenience, use hard-walled plastic cups. These cups have hard walls that make them shatterproof and shatterproof, giving a feeling of heaviness. From festive colored glasses to crystal clear ordinary cups, hard plastic cups are perfect for upscale occasions where traditional glassware cannot be used. Available in a variety of colors, sizes, styles and shapes, hard plastic cups can meet almost any need and match almost any decoration. These cups have the look of porcelain or finely cut crystal, but for a fraction of the price and require no cleaning.
Thin wall
As an economical choice for daily beverage service, thin-walled cups are made from a durable polypropylene material and are a low-cost alternative to PET clear plastic cups. These cups are crack-resistant and translucent, perfect for serving cold drinks at high-volume fast food restaurants.
Types of foam cups:
An overview of the
A good insulator, foam cups are ideal for hot or cold drinks. These cups hold their shape better than paper cups, but still provide a low-cost, lightweight container for your organization. Foam cups come in traditional white or floral patterns, and some even come in designer designs. Many are also customizable! Traditional foam cups feature an all-in-one construction and a unique base with all the durability you need and all the insulation you want.
Dart Fusion
The innovative Dart Fusion Cup takes convenience to the next level by adding superior insulation through ThermoThin core. ThermoThin's inner core keeps the side walls of your cup cool to the touch without the need for "double cupping" or cup holders, but they provide optimal insulation for your hot or cold drinks. Fusion cups come in a variety of sleek and stylish designs, all with the look and feel of a paper cup and the insulation of foam.
Custom paper cups
Don't see a design or color that seems to suit your agency style? Certain types of disposable cups offer customization options. This allows you to add a personal touch to disposable products and allows you to display your agency's name and logo to add, effective advertising.
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