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Goodplus 23 Sep 2022

The top 5 benifits of using paper bags for packing food

If you are looking for an environmentally friendly way to pack your food, you should consider using paper bags. Paper bags are biodegradable, which means they can be easily decomposed in the environment. They are also recyclable, which makes them a more sustainable option than plastic bags. In this blog post, we will discuss the top five benefits of using paper bags for packing your food!

With the rapid development of take-out industry, the market demand for food packaging has also increased rapidly. Paper bags have become a good helper for people's business because there are several benefits of using paper bags for packaging food business.
The high-quality paper bags manufactured by Goodplus Paper Bag Machine have various advantages and are good partners in the take-away industry. Goodplus bag machine can make this paper bag of different paper bag sizes. If you are interested in paper bag food packaging, please feel free to contact us.
using paper bags for packing food

1. Health and hygiene
There are various bags, such as shopping bags, jute bags paper bags and so on for different purpose.
For packaging that comes into direct contact with food, it is even more necessary to ensure its high standard of health.
Use paper bags to package food, which is safe and hygienic. It's a kind of paper packaging and the raw materials of paper bags are derived from natural resources and are not harmful. Paper bags are used to package food to ensure food safety and cleanliness. 
Compared with plastic products, which emit harmful substances when they are used, especially when using plastic to hold some hot food, plastic can easily emit some harmful substances at high temperatures, and it is much safer to use paper bags.
And compared with plastic bag, the use of paper bags will not harm human health, because plastic bags that are difficult to degrade will eventually enter the human body through the food chain. Using paper bags to package food will be a better choice.
2. Eco friendly
There is a huge demand for packaging in the food delivery industry. There are many plastic bags used for food delivery packaging, resulting in a lot of plastic pollution. 
Using paper bags as a substitute for plastic bags has the function of packaging food itself, it's an eco friendly packaging, and can also reduce the burden of plastic bags on the environment.
The brown paper bags are made of recycled brown kraft paper, which is a natural and renewable resource. It's a kind of eco friendly paper bags made of recycled paper. After the bag is used, it can be recycled or composted. It will not pollute the environment like plastic bags.
The use of paper bag for food packaging has low greenhouse gas emissions and is more environmentally friendly than other types of packaging, such as plastic bags.
3. Durable
Although the raw material of paper bags is paper, the manufactured paper bags have good durability and toughness. 
Because of its good bearing capacity, it can hold many items without being damaged easily. Paper bags of high tear resistance which can be used to package food, and you can safely put a lot of food in it without worrying about it being damaged in transit, causing inconvenience.
3.1 Reuse
Paper bag is reusable. The paper bags made by Goodplus bag machine can be used to package food and have very good quality. As long as the paper bags are not dirty, they can be reused. The paper bags have good air permeability and can be used to store fruits. 
4. Protect food
Using paper bags to package food can effectively protect food because paper bags themselves have many advantages. 
4.1 Preservation
Paper bags used to package food have good preservation function to keep food fresh, because the paper bag itself has good air permeability, which can allow the air to circulate inside and outside, thereby preventing the growth of bacteria in the bag and contaminating the food. 
The paper material has a certain degree of water absorption, which can absorb the moisture generated by the food without worrying about the food getting wet.
In addition, the paper bags have good moisture resistance and can keep the food inside dry.
The use of paper bags to package food can effectively extend the shelf life of food.
4.2 Oil leakage prevention
Paper bags have good oil-leakage resistance and are used to package food, which can effectively prevent oil from overflowing, so as not to cause inconvenience. 
The paper bags are not afraid of oil, and you can safely put some fried food in it without worrying about the oil leaking out and making the paper bag dirty. 
Paper bags also have good grease resistance, which can prevent grease from staining clothes.
4.3 Thermal insulation
Paper bags have good thermal insulation and can better maintain the temperature when used to package food. 
For example, when packaging hot dishes, it can be kept warm, so that customers can better taste the warmth brought by the food. When used to hold ice drinks, it can keep the air-conditioning for a long time, so that customers can relieve the anxiety caused by the heat in the hot summer.
5. Marketing Tools
As an indispensable accessory for takeout, packaging can play a very good role in publicity and help businesses to promote their brands.
Paper bags are easy to print, and printed paper bags can be a physical medium as a marketing tool to help a business brand spread more widely.
Paper bags are favored by the market for their various advantages. Goodplus Machinery is a professional paper bag making machine manufacturer. Goodplus square bottom bag making machines produce the best paper bag with simple operation and high efficiency, which is energy saving helping investors expand their business and becoming a good choice for food packaging. If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us!

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