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Goodplus 23 Sep 2022

Carton box---the environmental choice for your business

With the improvement of people's living standards, more and more high-end packaging forms appear, and carton packaging is currently the most widely used green packaging. It has many advantages in energy saving and resource-saving. In terms of domestic and foreign markets, carton packaging is currently the most widely used packaging form.
There are many types of packaging materials in all walks of life, and the most common packaging material is paper packaging. Whether it is high-end cosmetic packaging or ordinary gift packaging, carton packaging is the first choice. It can be found from market research that carton packaging is widely used abroad, and foreigners especially like carton packaging. 
Paper packaging materials have the characteristics of environmental protection, recycling, and cost saving. With the increasing environmental protection requirements of packaging in the entire international market, recyclable paper materials have gradually replaced plastics. Another feature is that it can quickly pass through the commodity inspection gate to achieve fast logistics and save costs.
There are a few different types of packaging options available on the market, but most corrugated boxes and packaging is made from corrugated cardboard. Corrugated cardboard is a durable and strong material that can withstand a lot of wear and tear. It is also relatively lightweight, making it easy to transport. 
Carton boxes have a few advantages over corrugated cardboard packaging boxes. First, they are usually cheaper to produce. Second, they are easier to assemble and take apart. Finally, they are generally more aesthetically pleasing than corrugated boxes. However, it is important to note that corrugated boxes have their own advantages as well. They are more durable and have better stacking strength. In addition, most corrugated packaging is recyclable. As a result, both carton boxes and corrugated boxes have their own unique benefits that make them ideal for different purposes.
paper box packaging
Advantages of paper packaging materials:
Due to the above characteristics of paper packaging materials, the amount of paper packaging materials is getting larger and larger. The reason why paper packaging materials take the lead in the packaging field, in addition to the above characteristics, also has the following unique advantages:
1. Low cost of raw materials
The cost of raw materials is one of the most important factors in determining the final price of a product. In many industries, the cost of raw materials makes up a significant portion of the total manufacturing costs. As a result, companies that are able to source low-cost raw materials can enjoy a competitive advantage. 
There are a number of ways that companies can source low-cost raw materials. They can negotiate favorable prices with suppliers, purchase in bulk quantities, or utilize economies of scale. In some cases, companies may also be able to produce their own raw materials. Low-cost raw materials can help to improve profitability and make products more affordable for consumers. As a result, sourcing low-cost raw materials is an important part of the manufacturing process.
2. Good processing performance
Carton boxes have a good processing performance. They are easy to be processed and can be turned into a variety of shapes. The processing performance of carton boxes is determined by their raw material, which is paperboard. 
Paperboard is a kind of wood-based panel made of paper or paperboard as the base material, which is impregnated or coated with synthetic resin, and then pressed and formed by heating. The main types of paperboard are hard paperboard, semi-hard paperboard, and soft paperboard. Hard paperboard has good stiffness and is suitable for book covers and box packaging. Semi-hard paperboard has good folding resistance and is suitable for food packaging boxes. Soft paperboard has good printability and is suitable for cigarette boxes and wine boxes. Processing performance is an important index to judge the quality of paperboard. 
The processing performance of carton boxes is good, which indicates that its raw material - paperboard - has excellent properties. Therefore, carton boxes made of paperboard have good rigidity, printing performance, and easy processing characteristics. Consequently, they have been widely used in the packaging industry.
3. Easy to store and transport
Paper products are made from trees and other plants that are harvested specifically for paper production. The process of making paper requires the use of large amounts of water and chemicals, which can pollute waterways and harm wildlife. Once the paper is dry, it is then cut into sheets of various sizes and used to make a variety of paper products, including cardboard boxes. 
Cardboard boxes are easy to store and transport, making them a popular choice for packaging. However, because they are made from paper, they are not as durable as other types of packaging, such as plastic or metal. As a result, paper products, including cardboard boxes, can be a major source of waste. One way to reduce the environmental impact of paper production is to recycle paper products. Recycling paper helps to save trees, reduces water pollution, and cuts down on the amount of waste that is sent to landfills.
4. Good Hygiene and safety
Carton boxes are commonly used in the storage and transportation of food products. Due to their food contact surface, carton boxes must be made of materials that are safe for human health and comply with hygiene requirements. 
In addition, carton boxes must be strong enough to withstand the weight of the food product and the rigors of transport. As a result, carton manufacturers must adhere to strict safety and hygiene standards. When purchasing carton boxes, it is important to ensure that they are made from food-grade materials and have been certified by a reputable body. 
Carton boxes that have not been properly certified can pose a serious health risk. In addition, carton boxes that are not made from food-grade materials may leach chemicals into the food product, which can be dangerous to consume. As a result, it is essential to only purchase carton boxes from reputable suppliers who can provide certification that their products meet safety and hygiene standards.
5. Carton boxes can be recycled without white pollution
Carton boxes are more sustainable packaging and environmentally friendly packaging than plastic packaging and can be recycled without white pollution. Recycled paper and recycled material are used to make more eco-friendly packaging. The process of recycling carton boxes helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and conserve natural resources. It also creates new jobs in the recycling industry. 
When carton boxes are recycled, they are broken down into their component parts and made into new products such as paper towels, tissue paper, and egg cartons. Recycling carton boxes is a more efficient way to produce these products than making them from scratch. As a result, recycling carton boxes helps to reduce our reliance on virgin resources and minimize the environmental impact of packaging production.
Properties of paper packaging materials:
As a modern packaging material, paper is mainly used to make packaging products such as cartons, paper bags, and paper containers, among which cardboard and its cartons occupy the dominant position of paper packaging materials and products; composite paper and Cardboard and specially processed paper have been widely used, and will partially replace the application of plastic packaging materials in food packaging to solve the environmental protection problems caused by plastic packaging.
The performance of paper packing materials used for food packaging is mainly reflected in the following aspects.
Printing performance
Paper and cardboard have a strong ability to absorb and bond ink and have good printing performance, so they are often used as printing surfaces on the packaging. The printing properties of paper and cardboard are mainly determined by surface smoothness, sizing, elasticity and adhesion.
Health and safety performance
In the process of paper processing, especially chemical pulping, certain chemical substances are usually left, so various kinds of paper and cardboard must be selected correctly and reasonably according to the contents of the package.
Barrier performance
Paper and cardboard are porous fibrous materials, which have a certain degree of permeability to moisture, gas, light, grease, etc., and their barrier properties are greatly affected by temperature and humidity. Single paper packaging materials generally cannot be used to package foods with high moisture and oil content and high barrier properties but can meet the barrier properties requirements through appropriate surface processing.
Mechanical properties
Paper and cardboard have a certain strength, stiffness, and mechanical adaptability, and their strength is mainly determined by the material, quality, thickness, processing technology, surface condition, and certain temperature and humidity conditions of the paper; in addition, the paper also has certain folding It is suitable for making shaped packaging containers or for wrapping.
Ambient temperature and humidity have a great influence on the strength of paper and cardboard. Changes in air temperature and humidity will cause changes in the balance of moisture in paper and cardboard, and ultimately change their mechanical properties to varying degrees. 
The mechanical properties of paper change with relative humidity. Because paper fibers have greater water absorption, when the humidity increases, the tensile strength and tear strength of the paper will decrease, which will affect the usability of paper and cardboard. A relative temperature and humidity condition must be maintained when measuring the mechanical properties of paper and paperboard.
Processing performance
Paper and cardboard have good processing properties, and can be folded, and can be sealed in a variety of ways. Good processing makes it possible to design various functional structures. In addition, through appropriate surface treatment, paper and cardboard can be provided with necessary moisture resistance, insect resistance, barrier properties, heat sealing properties, strength, physical properties, etc., and their application scope can be expanded.
Wenzhou Goodplus Machinery has many kinds of packaging styles, in order to implement the environmental protection concept of sustainable development, our company adopts the form of environmentally friendly carton packaging, the materials are simplified, the waste generated is less, and the excessive use of raw materials is effectively reduced. We use recycled materials to make carton boxes, we also have custom packaging that can make customers' needs.
Our carton box making machine is suitable for automatic film packing of soft-drawn facial tissues, square tissues, napkins, paper towels, etc. It adopts the packaging form of automatic feeding, box opening, box loading, batch number printing (optional), glue spraying, box sealing, etc., with compact and reasonable structure and simple operation and adjustment, adopting servo motor, touch screen, and PLC programmable control system, the man-machine interface display is clearer and easier to operate, with a high degree of automation and more humanization. Wenzhou Goodplus is a good choice for you to begin carton box making.

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