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Goodplus 14 Jan 2022

Paper Cups Making Machine - Construction Project

Paper cup making machine cost and project details

The paper cups making machine is a device that makes paper cups. It does this by heating the paper with a pneumatic system and then forming it into a cup shape. The cost of such a machine can vary depending on the size, type, and features that you want to have included with your purchase. When considering purchasing one of these machines for your company, there are many advantages to keep in mind as well as project details to consider before starting construction on the machine itself!
How we can know about the machine?
Before we talk about the paper cup machine choice and project making, there is an introduction about our company.
We Wenzhou Goodplus Machinery Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of disposable paper packaging machines. We have kept developing and launching the new generation of our machines to improve the machine capabilities in order to provide more and more high-quality services.
And our business covers:

Paper lunch box making machine

Paper cup(bowl) making machine

Paper plate making machine

Paper straw making machine

Paper bag making machine

Paper roll die cutting making machine

When we make great profits we can start to consider expanding the ranges of production. So our paper cup making machine is the best and newest machine in this field.
How much will it cost? And how we can start our paper cup manufacturing business?
The price of a new paper cup making machine can range from $8,500 to $20,000. However, there are many different options that you can choose from when purchasing one of these machines, so the final price may

Paper Cups Making Machine - Construction Project

Now we are going to focus on the perspectives of the paper cup making project.

1. What is a paper cups making machine and what does it do?

The paper cup machine is a fully automatic machine used to produce paper cups with different customised moulds to produce different styles of cups. It is used for the complete production of cups by first scalloping the paper into shape and then proceeding to the top edge curling and bottom knurling.
The paper cup machine is based on the hot heating to form the machine, which means the paper we use has to be a plastic coating, there will be a preheating action to make it easier to make paper formed. And the machine will make the paper cup top rim by the part accompany and the bottom knurling, then the finished products will be collected together.
This is the basic working process of paper cup machine: material feeding- cup body forming-transfer to mould part-top edge curling- bottom knurling- collecting.
In addition, why do many people choose paper cups as a beginning for their business?
The machine has the following advantages:

- High production speed, the basic speed has 60-70pcs/min

- Low cost per cup

- Easy to operate and maintain

- Cup shape, size and design can be customised to customer requirements.

- No investment required for raw materials, tools and equipment.

All these make the paper cups making machine an attractive choice for any business looking to start their own disposable cup production line! The finished products will be collected together after passing through the whole process mentioned above.
Now that we know a bit more about what a paper cups making machine is and does, let's take a look at some perspectives.

2. How much does it cost when to have a paper cup making machine

The paper cup machine will have differences in speed, size, function, all of which will affect the prices. The faster machine will be with a higher price. So it is very important for you to know what your needs are before deciding on which machine to purchase.
Generally, the prices of these machines range from $8000 to $20000. However, there are many different options that you can choose from when purchasing one.
What will affect the price of the machine?

Paper cup size: Top diameter, Bottom diameter and height

Paper thickness: The gsm of paper is available from 150 to 350

Paper material: single plastic coated or double side plastic coated

The function: PLC and Touch Screen and collection table

Machine speed: 60-70 pcs/min or 80-90 pcs/min

These are the general perspectives that will make the price different.

We launch two models of paper cups making machines for sale:

Model 9 paper cup making machine is a machine to especially make 2oz-9oz paper cups, while Model 16 paper cup making machine is to make 2oz-16oz. It means that the different sizes could choose one of two models to make, but the machine cost will be different.

The paper thickness:

As for the paper thickness, some have the target clients for the high isolation of hot feeling and strong paper cup, they will choose the thick paper. We usually define thick paper as starting with 250gsm, once paper gsm is 250gsm or over it, the machine has to install ultrasonic to make paper cups, which will have efforts on paper cup well-formed due to the thick paper.


And there are other situations that we have to use ultrasonic, such as the double-sided PE coated paper, which is very difficult to curl the edge. In this case, ultrasonic needs to be used so that it can make a good cup shape. And one of the situations is the requirement on speed, ultrasonic could help a lot in the forming paper cup body because the part will install in the cup forming part which increases the speed of cup body forming so that totally the speed of forming paper cups will benefit from it to speed up.
These situations will need ultrasonic, so it is an extra option to choose for paper cup making machine, that's why that it needs other costs.

PLC, touch screen and collection table:

As for the PLC, touch screen and collection table, they are good for the conveniences of paper cup production, PLC and touch screen will make it easier to control the operation of the machine. And collection table will help to gather the desired amount of paper cups and also track the quality of paper cups, if there is any quality problem, the equipment will pull out the cups which are not good.
The price for the ultrasonic, PLC, touch screen and collection table are about $1500-$2000.
These are what a paper cup machine will cost in any situation. You can consider the project and budget according to them.

3. The advantages of using a paper cups making machine

When it comes to construction projects, there are always advantages and disadvantages to weigh before making a decision. The same goes for constructing your own paper cup making machine! Here are some pros to consider:

- You can choose the size and speed of the machine that you plan to do

- Low running costs

- Little maintenance required.

- Fast production speeds for a large number of cups to be made in one day.

These are the general advantages that using a paper cup making machine could have. We will list more specific ones below:
Firstly, it can replace labour with fully automatic working processes, which can reduce the labour cost obviously.
The machine can make the various paper cup sizes by changing moulds, each size has a set of moulds to produce it. And what the most important point of using a paper cup making machine is the ease of operation and ease of maintenance, only need to clean up the machine every week.
We can quickly calculate a one-month production plan and calculate the manufacturing cost based on the production speed of the machine. Not only is it a simple calculation method, but also the ordinary machine speed can meet the basic production plan. The speed is 60-70 pcs per min. If we turn on the machine at 65pcs/min, we can produce 520 paper cups for eight hours a day. That means we can produce about 110,000 paper cups a month, which is a large output.
Besides, the quality of cups produced by machines is generally more standardised and controllable than those made by hand. This results in less waste and better efficiency.
Last but not least, a machine can run for longer periods of time without breaks or fatigue when compared to human workers.

4. Project details for the construction of a paper cup making machine

When we start a paper cup production project, what do we have to consider?

The location of where you are going to build your project.

It will determine the power supply of your paper cup manufacturing and the environment of your factory and the rent you need to pay, which is a super essential part of the project.

The raw material cost and process flow chart is also important for us before starting a project.

Then, the raw material cost will have a part in how much does paper cups making machine costs by considering all materials needed for building the machinery.

Target market and paper cup sizes for manufacturing

Besides, we have to determine the target market and make market research about paper glass, what paper cup sizes are the most popular in your target market. And we have to know what the paper cup is used for? Hot drinks such as coffee or cold drinks. Because the raw materials also are chosen by this point.
And the demand for paper cups has to be confirmed first, the demand is very essential to confirm that will affect the production plan.

Find a good supplier to supply devices.

If it's possible we will try to find some suppliers who can provide with all needed machines or spare parts required by our clients in order to lower the costs. We Wenzhou Goodplus Machinery will be a good supplier, we manufacture the economic and durable machines. Also, we would like to listen to your project and give our advice.
These are the basic perspectives that we have to confirm when we are making a project construction then you can make a detailed total investment.
We hope this article can give you some references and help when making a decision. And the paper cup manufacturing business can go well and high quality paper cups can be produced!
If you have any interest or have an investment to make paper cups, please feel free to contact us!
We will provide patient services for you to answer any questions!

We will do a good job in every content,do our best to solve the problem for each customer,Thank you for your reading.If you have any questions, please leave us a message.

- Emily Pan
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