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Goodplus 27 Jul 2021

Paper cup machine operation process

Preparation before starting:
a. Before taking over the shift, the employee will receive the paper, cup bottom, carton, sealing glue, silicone oil and other materials needed for the day, and check the received materials and the amount of remaining materials at work, and report any problems in time.
b. Turn on the power button on the console to check whether the power of the machine is normal and whether the set temperature can reach the predetermined value.
c. Add a little lubricating oil to the moving parts of the machine for lubrication, and wipe the parts that the product needs to touch to avoid pollution. At the same time, check the connecting screws of the running parts of the machine and whether the top wire is loose.
d. Check the flatness of the paper, whether there is peeling, spots, confusion between the front and back, and wrinkles.
e. If necessary, spray appropriate amount of water on the paper, and strictly control the watering time and humidity of the paper.
f. Check the air pressure valve and adjust it to the required pressure value as required.
g. Put the bottom paper on the cup, paying attention to the front and back.

Paper cup machine operation process 01
Work when starting production:
a. After the preparation work is completed, when the motor is about to be started, you must shout "Turn on" before starting the motor without any response. (This is to prevent the operator from being invisible and causing unnecessary safety accidents when the mechanic is repairing on the opposite side or behind the machine).
b. Observe the machine's operating conditions carefully, take a cup to check the bonding effect of the paper cup, preheating, main heating, and whether the knurled part has yellowed or damaged the paper cup.
c. Check the bonding effect of the bonding place, whether there is any indirect bad condition, the firmness of the bottom of the cup and the bonding is suitable for tearing and fuzzing. If there is indirect fuzzing, it is a suspected leaking cup. The water test is quasi.
d. In normal operation, if you find or feel that the machine is abnormal, you must first lift the cup body, and then stop the machine for inspection after the last cup has been knurled.
e. When the machine is restarted after an unexpected shutdown for a long time in the middle, take out the fourth and fifth plate of the large plate and check whether the knurled part is glued.
f. The operator of the paper cup machine pays attention to the forming conditions of the cup mouth, cup body and cup bottom at any time during normal production, and checks the bonding and size appearance of the cup from time to time or inspects one by one.
g. When the staff concentrates during the operation, if there is an abnormal sound or the bottom of the cup is not well formed, they must stop the machine for inspection immediately to prevent greater losses.
h. The operator must be serious and responsible in the production process, and test the cups produced by himself with boiling water once an hour, each time 8 cups.
i. Before the operator seals the carton, the number of small packages should be checked randomly. After the random check is correct, the product certificate or product pattern should be cut and pasted on the upper right corner of the left side of the carton, and the job number and production date should be filled in the box. Finally, the sealed boxes are neatly stacked to the designated location.

Paper cup machine operation process 02
Work after shutdown:
a. Turn off the power supply on the console, cut off the main power supply, and close the gas valve and silicone oil valve.
b. Clean up the remaining paper scraps inside and outside the machine, and pack up auxiliary tools such as water spray guns.
c. Organize the working environment, clean up and clean, and keep the equipment clean.
1. Keep in mind the idea of ​​safety first, operate strictly in accordance with the operating procedures of the paper cup machine, and strictly prohibit illegal operations.
2. Fill in the handover record form carefully before handing over the shift
The paper coating materials we use:
Many people know disposable paper cups, but many don’t know the original location of the disposable paper cups and what materials are made, because Goodplus Machinery Co., Ltd has more than ten years of industry experience in the paper cup industry to share with you, and now use it The most common are paper cups, with a layer of paper on the outside and a layer of coated paper on the inside, which is an inner polyethylene plastic film. Although the outer layer is paper, the inner layer of plastic film is in contact with the food. Therefore, this kind of cup is defined as a single-layer coated paper cup. 
Paper cup machine operation process 03

The coating materials are:
pp (high temperature resistance 170-180℃),
PE (high temperature resistance above 130℃),
PLA (the latest renewable corn starch extract, easy to degrade and safer).

1.Polyethylene (referred to as PE): It has excellent low temperature resistance (the lowest operating temperature can reach -100~-70°C), has good chemical stability, can withstand most acids and alkalis, and is insoluble in general solvents at room temperature. Low water absorption and excellent electrical insulation. The biggest advantage of pe is that it is waterproof, high-strength, aging-resistant, and excellent performance synthetic polymer fiber. It is a non-toxic, non-polluting and green environmentally friendly product.   

2.Polypropylene (abbreviated as pp) has good heat resistance, and the products can be sterilized at a temperature above 100°C, and will not deform at 150°C without external force. The embrittlement temperature is -35℃, and embrittlement will occur below -35℃, and the cold resistance is not as good as polyethylene. The biggest advantage of PP is non-toxic, tasteless, low density, strength, rigidity, hardness and heat resistance better than general pe, and its melting point can be as high as 175°C. Therefore, pp coated products can be heated in a microwave oven.   

3.Polylactic acid (abbreviated as PLA) Polylactic acid is also known as polylactide and belongs to the polyester family. Polylactic acid is a polymer obtained by polymerization of lactic acid as the main raw material. The raw material source is sufficient and renewable. It mainly uses corn, cassava, etc. as raw materials. The production process of polylactic acid is pollution-free, and the product can be biodegraded to realize the circulation in nature, so it is the most ideal green polymer material.  

Paper cup machine operation process 04

The advantages of paper cups: good thermal stability, processing temperature 170-230 ℃, good solvent resistance, can be processed in a variety of ways, such as extrusion, spinning, biaxial stretching, injection blow molding. In addition to being biodegradable, products made of polylactic acid have good bio compatibility, gloss, transparency, hand feel and heat resistance, and have certain bacteria resistance, flame retardancy and UV resistance, so they are very useful. Widely used as packaging materials. The function of the paper cup coating is its water retention performance, so that the paper cup will not leak or deform when used as a cold, hot, and temperature liquid container. Therefore, after understanding the high temperature melting point and low temperature embrittlement point of the three coating materials, we We know what kind of environment it needs to cause trouble to our healthy life.

What to pay attention to when making paper cups ? 

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