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Goodplus 26 Jul 2021

The lunch box advertisement following the advertisement paper cup

Lunch box advertisements are advertisements that use disposable fast food boxes as the carrier. They must be seen as a one-time consumption product. They are used in large quantities and reach a wide range of people. People will definitely see the contents of the advertisement when they eat. For one-to-many publicity, the audience accepts the effect well. The lunch box advertisement can be placed according to the customer's requirements for the audience group and the number of the audience group, so that customers can carry out purposeful advertising consumption according to their own business conditions. Make customers spend the least money to achieve the greatest advertising effect. The advertisement on the disposable lunch box is unique and exclusive. In today's environment where advertisements are commonplace and interference is increasing, advertisers need a new low-interference media to attract audiences through well-designed new media. One-off lunch box advertising has advantages that other media do not have: advertising audiences have to watch, wide coverage, strong pertinence, fixed-point and quantitative placement, low advertising costs, etc. Disposable lunch box advertising media will undoubtedly become another dark horse in the Chinese media world after other new media. Its strong audience and mandatory information transmission will make disposable lunch box advertising media a monopoly of information transmission!

The lunch box advertisement following the advertisement paper cup

Catering is a high frequency, rigid demand, and full coverage area. The advantage of the lunch box as an advertising carrier is that eating is a semi-enclosed scene, and the user status is relaxed and it is easier to scan the QR code. Through QR code promotion rewards, the lunch box has the opportunity to become a high-conversion diversion entrance. The time period for ordering meals in Dalian has been relatively stable, mainly focusing on lunch and dinner, with a slight increase in the non-dinner time period. Online traffic is becoming more and more expensive, and the diversion traffic is not necessarily true. Therefore, more companies and enterprises have begun to choose offline traffic entrances. However, the advertising budget of subway elevators is too high, and Meal Box Media serves as a supplement to the media. The media is a communication channel that many companies can choose and accept. Takeaway lunch box advertisements may be an effective weapon against the new media era, competing for food and beverage time in the context of fragmented reading, mobile phones and computers. However, the new media era is also regarded as a catalyst for take-out meal box advertising. In this era, the gradual development of the take-out industry has also given birth to the formation and growth of take-out meal box advertising.

Channel advantages: comprehensive coverage of restaurants that provide take-out services, with large coverage; accurate advertising (coverage can be carried out on several streets where the store is located, and the audience's consumers are all nearby people)

The goal is clear: reach the target customer groups directly and effectively. Today's products increasingly focus on market segmentation and audience segmentation, while take-out meal boxes are completely locked in the main consumer group in the city and the leader in fashion consumption;

Wide distribution range: Advertising lunch boxes are mainly used for food packaging during take-out. Therefore, as many customers as there are take-out orders generated every day, as many prospective customers are exposed to lunch box advertisements;

Advantages of advertising effect: 100% of the effective reach rate of advertising information. For fast-paced white-collar workers, students and audiences, they will definitely see the advertising content when dining, forming one-to-one or one-to-many publicity. The acceptance effect is good, and they will take the initiative and voluntarily Browsing is a must-see advertisement;

Release advantages: The release plan is flexible, highly targeted, and the number of releases and channels are clear and transparent; during the release process, business personnel can track and supervise.

Unique advantage: The lunch box advertisement itself is a new thing, and it will cause the second dissemination of public opinion and customers after it is placed, and amplify the publicity effect. Advertisers can target target groups and regions for advertising, and then achieve more effective product promotion.

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- Emily Pan
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