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Goodplus 26 Jul 2021

China's lunch box development history

China's food delivery industry developed earlier and the food delivery industry is in full swing. The closely related food delivery and packaging industry is also rapidly emerging. The food delivery industry is becoming the fastest growing segment of China's food industry.

lunch box development history
Throughout, China's takeaway packaging has gone through the following stages.
1. Foamed lunch boxes.
   The first packaged lunch box was the foam lunch box. The emergence of the foamed lunch box changed the initial situation of packaging food in plastic bags. Foamed lunch boxes gradually occupied the catering take-away market with its advantages of convenience, cheapness and aesthetics, becoming the first choice of take-away packaging lunch boxes for businesses. However, as people's pursuit of the quality of the meal box improved, today's foam meal boxes meal boxes are no longer the mainstream of the market.
2. pp plastic tableware.
   With the advent of the takeaway era, people's requirements for takeaway packaging are becoming higher and higher. pp plastic tableware is rapidly becoming a new favourite in the takeaway packaging industry because of its high temperature resistance and durability. pp plastic tableware is also easier to process and qualify, and can meet the packaging shape requirements of different businesses. Most of the takeaway tableware in our lives is now made of PP plastic. However, it inevitably has an inherent and fatal disadvantage of being non-degradable.
3. Environmentally friendly lunch boxes.
   Biodegradable and environmentally friendly lunch boxes are becoming a hot spot for research and development and a strategic high point in the food and beverage packaging industry. From the perspective of environmental protection, such boxes are easy to degrade, with little environmental pollution; from the perspective of safety components, environmentally friendly boxes are non-toxic and harmless; from the perspective of packaging texture, environmentally friendly boxes make takeaway appear more high-end, more quality. Consumer perceptions have changed, and many consumers are willing to spend higher prices to buy quality environmentally friendly packaging tableware. At present, mainly environmentally friendly lunch boxes are still in their infancy, with biodegradable paper lunch boxes dominating the mainstream of environmentally friendly lunch boxes. Other environmentally friendly meal boxes are still being developed and the market potential is huge.
Therefore, although the general packaging material is plastic, biodegradable paper lunch boxes will become the new trend in takeaway packaging as consumers continue to pursue environmental protection and takeaway quality. People's awareness of environmental protection is gradually increasing and the country's environmental protection efforts are being strengthened as they continue to strengthen. The takeaway packaging industry, with plastic as the main packaging material, urgently needs to find new alternative materials and the takeaway packaging industry will usher in huge development opportunities.

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