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Goodplus 23 Jul 2021

How to choose a paper lunch box Hamburger box

It is believed we have all used disposable paper lunch boxes, How do we get all the boxes we use? Of course, it is made by the paper box making machineWith the improvement of people's quality of life, convenience has become mainstream and habitual. Whether it is the packaging of roadside snacks, a holiday or a family party, disposable paper lunch boxes are a must, which makes the use of disposable paper lunch boxes even more widespread. As disposable paper lunch boxes are made of paper material, they can be recycled or disposed of by burying or incineration, which does not cause serious environmental pollution and has a high environmental value. In addition, compared with disposable plastic foam boxes, it is safer and non-toxic, does not pollute the environment, can be reused and recycled, more environmentally friendly, and also in line with people's low-carbon and environmentally friendly living concept. However, there are more and more businesses selling disposable paper lunch boxes in the market, and some of them are using more inferior materials to make disposable paper lunch boxes in order to make huge profits.

How to choose a paper lunch box Hamburger box

In this case, how should we choose disposable paper lunch boxes?

From the following aspects.
Colour. Most people think that white lunch boxes are clean and hygienic, but this is not the case with biodegradable lunch boxes. Generally biodegradable lunch boxes use paper or plants as raw material and their colour is not white, the paper we use every day is bleached. Lunch boxes made from starch will be grey in colour and other types of lunch boxes are darker in colour and not pure white. Some qualified lunch boxes may also have edible additives added later in the production process to enhance their aesthetics...
Odour. Some poor quality lunch boxes will have a certain pungent odour due to the addition of harmful chemicals or industrial additives during the processing.
Quality. A qualified lunch box will be inherently "tough", it will not be fragile, it will not break at the first poke and has high strength.

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