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Goodplus 21 Jul 2021

Disposable paper lunch boxes bring convenience to our lives

With the improvement of people's quality of life, convenient and fast life has become the mainstream and habit. The packaging model of restaurants and the development of the food delivery industry make the use of disposable paper lunch boxes more extensive. Since the disposable paper lunch box is made of paper material, it can be recycled and used, and can be disposed of by burying or burning, etc., without causing serious environmental pollution, and has a high environmental value. In addition, compared to disposable foam plastic boxes, it is safer and non-toxic, does not pollute the environment, and can be reused and recycled to be more environmentally friendly, and it is also in line with people's low-carbon and environmentally friendly life concept.Paper lunch boxes are in close contact with our food. How to choose the right and healthy paper lunch boxes?
Disposable paper lunch boxes bring convenience to our lives

1.Choose a paper lunch box, and pay attention to environmental protection and hygiene. The material must be food grade paper. Non-food grade paper contains fluorescent agents and other harmful substances. The lunch box will be in contact with food for a long time, and it will enter the body with the food and cause great harm to the body.
2.The problem of choosing the material. If the food is soup and porridge, you must pay special attention to the choice of material. First, the porridge soup is heavier, the temperature is higher, the load-bearing capacity of the material and the heat insulation effect need to be paid attention to, and the thickness of the lid is tight.
3. Pay attention to the color and text of the lunch box, whether it is outstanding enough to attract everyone's attention.

What kind of paper products can the machines of Goodplus Machinery make?

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