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Goodplus 20 Jul 2021

plastic ones boxes will be replaced by paper lunch box

The growth of disposable lunch boxes has been steadily increasing due to short breaks from work and the development of takeaway services.

Plastic containers and paper containers occupy a large market at the same time, with plastic containers mostly used for packaging sushi, meals and paper containers for hot cooked food such as fried rice and noodles, fried chicken, burgers and pizza and other fast food.
plastic ones boxes will be replaced by paper lunch box
And the COVID-19 pandemic adversely affected the market and companies faced a decline in product demand due to restrictions on import & export and transportation in the first quarter of 2020. However, with ease in lockdown restrictions, the product demand witnessed a swift rise. In addition, the product application scope has increased as consumers are preferring disposables over re-usable food containers due to safety concerns. However, as the same time,  with the increasing awareness of environmental protection, we realise that we cannot bring more burden to the earth and for the sake of our better life, we have started to reduce the use of plastic and gradually let recyclable and eco-friendly paper to replace it, so paper lunch boxes are also put into more attention. In addition, for the importance of health, more consumers will choose paper packaging, in the choice of paper will be required food grade.

What's more, the EU has proposed the strictest plastic ban in its history and it will be implemented in July this year, any plastic products will be gradually banned, all kinds of disposable items, especially paper lunch boxes will be replaced by plastic ones, and paper with plastic lamination will also be banned, but this also clearly specifies the scope, so it is known that only glued lunch boxes can be used and automatic paper box machine becomes the only one for making a plenty of food packaging in Europe.

And there are different designs of food packing boxes on the market, which can be made of different materials, like white paper, Kraft paper and wood. Even tough the common Chinese takeaway boxes, take out boxes, or various trays cannot have plastic lamination, and there is technology and equipment to produce them. Therefore, paper lunch boxes will be a full replacement for plastic lunch boxes, that will occupy a large market of disposable lunch boxes and in this growing trend, which is an excellent prospect.

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- Emily Pan
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