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Goodplus 17 Jul 2021

eco materials paper food packaging boxes machinery in China

The need for packaging is rapidly increasing every year. Most of today’s packaging is going to be replaced into eco friendly materials, therefore, paper occupies an important role of food packaging. 
Now there are more and more rich paper food packaging boxes appearing in the market, not only affected by various forming machines have been launching in the market, also they influence with each other.
Among various paper food packaging boxes, there is a packaging box that stands out, Chinese Take Out Containers, made by the lunch box mechanism. Due to a wide community of Chinese people and the diversity of Chinese food, it is very common that Chinese food is going into many people's life, especially, fired rice and fired noddles. Chinese Take Out Container can be called as Oyster Pail, which is a folded, glued or plastic coated, paperboard container originally designed to hold oysters. And it commonly comes with a handle made of solid wire, by the way, the handle is only an option, because it requires another small equipment to install.
eco materials paper food packaging boxes machinery
Usually Kraft brown or white cardboard Chinese Take Out Containers are popular in the market, they take delicious meal to bring convenience and fullness to everyone. The packaging box is tight and isolate people from contact with food, what’s more, the packaging box can be printed by any wonderful and beautiful patterns to give anyone a deep impression for the restaurant.
In addition, there is a difference between heat forming machine and gluing forming machine, heat forming machine allows only plastic coated paper but gluing forming machine don’t have this require, we will follow each requirement from each country to give the solution to make a production plan.

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- Emily Pan
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