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Goodplus 13 Jul 2021

How to solve the problem in the daily operation of the paper cup machine ?

Regarding what problems will occur in the daily operation of the paper cup machine, how should we solve it? Let's take a look!
For the maintenance and repair of paper cup machines and paper bowl machines, professional fitter skills are not required, but a flexible mind is needed. It is necessary to understand a little cam arrangement, chain drive arrangement, and some basic principles of the indexing box. Excellent lubrication and confinement are necessary conditions for the normal operation of the machine, and the influence of the temperature control of each heater on the cup after forming (adhesion). Too high or too low temperature will cause a burst or a leak at the bottom of the cup. But for the paper cup machine, the most faulty part is the knurling roller. This part is the main point. The pressure cannot be increased too much. For the ultrasonic welding machine, the ultrasonic frequency must be adjusted, and the pressure cannot be too large. And please try your best to maintain pressure balance.
In short, no matter what kind of paper cup machine, please pay attention to the time cooperation of each part, the stability of each rotating table and channel. So when there is something wrong with the paper cup machine or paper bowl machine, the first thing to check is the above parts.
How to solve the problem in the daily operation of the paper cup machine?

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- Emily Pan
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