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Goodplus 08 Apr 2022

4 side seal packaging machine is suitable for sheet product packaging

GSB-220 4 side packing machine is specialized in packing gypsum, dust masks, disposable masks, gloves, napkins, antipyretic stickers, warm stickers, hotel supplies, etc.
This machine is specially designed for product packaging path and gypsum, strictly in accordance with the requirements of GMP. This machine is a kind of automatic online feeding (optional), coding, four side sealing, easy to tear hole, bag making machine. This machine adopts touch screen control, easy to operate, servo motor control precision, EPC, six groups of temperature controller and automatic feeding free adjustable. This machine saves a lot of labor and is an ideal gypsum packing equipment.

4 side seal packaging machine

The machine configuration
1. System: PLC and servo motor control, free programming.
2. Touch screen: set and display the length, size, compensation and output on the screen, clear and easy to operate.
3. Bag length setting: computer control setting and operation. Simple and clear.
4. Double tracking: adopt EPC tracking, PLC and servo control, fast speed, high precision.
5. Photocell bag: make the bag uniform and beautiful
6. Storage Settings: Remember 10 Settings
7. Waste rewinding device: magnetic powder drive
8. Automatic feeding: 1-5 different sizes can be fed per package. (optional)
9. High efficiency, low maintenance cost, simple operation, and few default values.
10. Long run.
11. The length of sealing on both sides can reach 230mm, making the bag beautiful and compact.
12. Equipped with code, date and code can be printed.
13. Stainless steel frame, long time use.
14. The machine is equipped with a remote system. After connecting to wifi, you can check the state of the machine and troubleshoot online.

Main technical info
Model GSB-220
Output 30-120pcs/min
Packing size L 60-280mm, W 60-200mm,H 1-10mm
compressor ≥0.1m3/min
voltage AC 380V 60HZ(customized)
power 7KW
weight 2000kg
Dimension (L*W*H) 5730×1660×1430㎜

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