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Goodplus 07 Apr 2022

Environmental benefits of using Paper food packaging boxes

Current environmental issues
More than 14000 pieces of plastic bottles/plastic bags end up in the ocean every day. At least 2/3 of the world's fish have ingested plastic. 6.4 million tons of garbage dumped into the ocean is equivalent to 3,200 kilometers of trucks per garbage truck.
The above numbers may have to make each of us rethink.
It can be said that environmental pollution is a difficult and alarming problem, especially in recent times, when the consequences caused by humans affecting the natural environment have become more and more serious, including increasing population, economic development, industrial modernization, food waste, war, …….
Therefore, if human consciousness does not change, we will destroy ourselves on this very planet. 

The vision and direct goal of GOOD PLUS is to change people's habits, from plastic products to paper products, achieve the plastic reduction targets, reduce the harmful effects of plastic products and bring health to people

We provide a series of paper product making machines, like :
1:Food-to-go paper box making machine
3:Cup cover making machine
They are used to make all kinds of paper food packaging boxes, And these machines all use recyclable paper materials, providing more options for food products.

Environmental benefits of using Paper food packaging boxes

So let's get back to our topic today: how can we use these paper food packaging boxes to improve our environment? We will analyze this from the following four points:
1. Paper food packaging boxes can be made from recycled materials
Did you know that paper food packaging boxes can be made from recyclable environmentally friendly materials? It's true! 
We know that paper food packaging boxes can be made from kraft paper, coated paper,bio-based barrier materials, corrugated cardboard, and other paper other packaging materials, In fact, many businesses are now using recycled materials to create their paper-based packaging: paper mills can make the most of waste paper packaging with the help of advanced recycling technology.
For example, recycled kraft paper:
Recycled paper is a kind of paper produced from waste paper, through a dozen processes such as sorting, purification, pulping, and copying, which does not affect normal use, and is conducive to the protection of visual health
And the Recycled kraft paper is made of this eco-friendly paper as raw material, which will be shredded, de-colored pulp after a variety of processes to produce paper.
80% of its raw materials come from recycled waste paper, so it is known as low energy consumption, light pollution of environmentally friendly paper.
This is great for the environment,  Recycled materials are cheaper than virgin materials, so companies can save money while helping the environment.

2.  Paper food packaging boxes helps reduce waste and pollution
The world is facing a pollution crisis. Greenhouse gas (carbon dioxide) emissions are causing the Earth's temperature to rise, and as a result, we are seeing more extreme weather conditions and rising sea levels. 
One way that we can help reduce our impact on the environment is by using paper food packaging boxes 
In this way, we can reduce the use of plastic and foam products. 
Foam products are made from petroleum, which is a non-renewable resource. They also release toxic chemicals into the environment when they're produced and when they're disposed of.
On the other hand, paper food packaging boxes are made from trees, which are a renewable resource. And when paper food packaging boxes are disposed of reduced the pollution caused by the production of plastic foam products. 
Also By using paper packaging boxes, we can help reduce the amount of waste that is sent to landfills each year. 
Not only does this help the environment, but it also helps us save money on landfill fees. 
In addition, paper packaging boxes are biodegradable they are made from renewable resources - readily recyclable, can be recycled or composted after use, which means they will decompose in a landfill over time. This helps reduce pollution caused by landfills.
So Paper packaging boxes are a great way to reduce waste and pollution. 

3. Using paper packaging boxes is better for the environment than using plastic or foam boxes
When it comes to food packaging, there are a lot of different options to choose from. You can go with plastic, foam, or paper and cardboard packaging. So which is the best option for the environment? Many people would say that plastic is the worst option because it takes so long to decompose. Foam boxes are not much better – they just end up in the landfill instead of the ocean. Paper food packaging boxes, on the other hand, are made from sustainable materials that can be recycled or composted.
that's true, but paper food packaging boxes have some environmental advantages over plastic and foam products.
First of all, as we mentioned before, paper food packaging boxes are made from renewable resources, so they have a smaller carbon footprint than plastic or foam. 
In addition, paper food packaging boxes can be recycled or composted after use, which means they will decompose in a landfill over time. This helps reduce pollution caused by landfills.
Finally, paper food packaging boxes are biodegradable, which means they will decompose naturally over time. Plastic and foam products, on the other hand, can take hundreds of years to decompose.
So if you're looking for an option that is among the four major modern packaging materials (paper, plastic, glass, and metal), paper and plastic packaging are widely used in daily life because they are cheap, easy to process, and have a wide range of raw materials. They are not as fragile as glass and not as heavy as metal. However, plastic packaging materials are not easy to degrade by themselves, which will cause environmental pollution and other problems. After quantitative evaluation by international authoritative experts, paper is the most promising green packaging material. The International Health Organization and domestic environmental protection experts believe that the use of plastic food bags will be gradually banned in domestic and foreign markets, and it is stipulated that non-toxic and harmless "all paper food bags" should be used for shopping in the future. Paper products are easy to decay. They can not only recycle recycled paper or be used as plant fertilizer but also reduce air pollution and purify the environment. The development of paper packaging containers will not only bring many business opportunities but also the inevitable trend of environmental protection

4. The use of paper food packaging can reduce the production and use of plastic containers.--eventually replace plastic
The production of plastics over the past decades has had serious consequences.
According to the BBC:
- Humans have so far produced 9.1 billion tonnes of plastic that cannot be recycled.
- 6.9 billion metric tonnes of plastic pollution have been generated. Of this, only 9% of plastic waste is recycled, The recycling rate is extremely low
- 12% of plastic waste is incinerated
- The remaining 79% (5.5 billion tonnes) of plastics waste is deposited in landfills and in the natural environment.
If we do nothing about the current disposal of plastic waste then 13.2 billion tonnes of waste will pollute our environment.That's why many countries have implemented plastic bans
The paper packaging industry now has the opportunity to help solve the problem of plastic pollution by developing innovative packaging solutions that will work just as well as plastic, yet are compostable, recyclable. like the paper sacks, wrapping paper, paper boxes, paper straws...... The advent of these products has brought new options for packaging and has greatly reduced the necessity of plastics foam

There are many environmental benefits to using paper packaging boxes. they are made of recycled materials, which means that they can be recycled again after use. In addition, they are biodegradable, meaning that they will break down naturally in the environment. This is a huge advantage over plastics food packaging, which takes hundreds of years to decompose. Finally, paper food packaging boxes are compostable, meaning that they can be used to create nutrient-rich soil for plants. All of these factors make paper food packaging boxes the environmentally friendly choice for your business!
And Goodplus hope can be your eco-friendly solution. We specialise in a range of machinery - manufacturing all kinds of paper packaging:
1:Food-to-go paper food box making machine
2:Multi grid take away box making machine
3:Cup cover making machine
4:Paper cup / paper bowl making machine 
5:Paper plate making machine

Any interest feel free to contact us !!!

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- Emily Pan
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