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GP-ZH-750 3 to 5 Customized Compartment Paper Lunch Box Making Machine

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Machine Introduction:

GP-ZH-750 is the new generation of multi compartment paper lunch box machine that our company has several generation updates. It is customized to make 3 to 5 compartment according to customer's needs. This machine combines hot heating forming and ultrasonic sealing, which can produce more than double compartments lunch boxes and take away boxes made of plastic coated paper. It is one time making machine, heavy and durable machine structure ensure the stable working.
There are two processes to work in a one time machine, first is the main mould to shape the whole structure of lunch box, as the same time that machine will collect coated small paper layer and use ultrasonic and another mould to seal the block strong.

Machine Specification:

Speed 17-25 pcs/min (depends on different size)
Paper size Max: 550-350, min: 350-250/m2 PE or PLA coated paper
Voltage 380V, 50HZ
Power 13KW
Product specifications 3 to 5 compartments ( can be customized)
Machine size 2900*1800*2200mm
Weight 3000KG

Machine Features:

1. The equipment adopts Panasonic touch screen, Panasonic frequency converter, DELTA servo, hydraulic system, adek solenoid valve, imported pneumatic electrical components, control system adopts PLC and touch screen human-machine interface is used to start, stable performance to reduce the waste of paper.
2. With a long time of innovation, the equipment is stable to shape the boxes by hot heating and ultrasonic sealing
3. Machine forming to carton output device adopts automatic output, collecting and stacking device, and can install counter to facilitate customer packaging and reduce labor force.
4. Moulds are made of iron, which wears less and can have a long standard production working time.

Machine Details:

Finished Product:

Notice: There is a type of clamshell lid cover, please confirm with us.

  • Dimension(L*W*H)3500*1320*1500mm
  • Production Capacity60-150 pcs/min
  • Product Type:Paper box making machine
  • Core Components:PLC
  • MaterialKraft paper,PE Coated Paper
  • Power Source:380V 50HZ
  • Place of OriginZhejiang, China
  • Weight2200kg