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Goodplus 20 Jul 2021

What kind of paper products can the machines of Goodplus Machinery make?

Larger quantity meals require a sturdy, grease resistant package that does not leak or tear.
Our food boxes pass the test as operators serve up large meals enjoyed at family picnics,
office parties or at home dinners.
Grab and go meals allow the consumer to select a standard meal without waiting for it to be prepared. 
The fast food box is a shallow container with a wide opening that provides ample visibility to easily
and quickly identify various foods. 
This product line is a great merchandising solution for locations that cater to consumers on the go.
Paper Product Specifications
We take pride in consulting with our customers in reviewing their overall packaging requirements
and presenting improvements that will reduce your overall packaging costs. 
We are constantly reviewing new and innovative packaging concepts with our customers to determine
what is the least expensive and most effective way to package their products.

Paper product machinery sample 01
Paper product machinery sample 02
Paper product machinery sample 03
Paper product machinery sample 04
Paper product machinery sample 05
Paper product machinery sample 06
Paper product machinery sample 07
Paper product machinery sample 08

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